Savage Gear SG6 (4 storlekar)

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Kanonfin rulle från Savage Gear! Extra spole i aluminium medföljer.

To make a reel with peerless strength and power you have to make some compromises, right? Wrong. The SG6 is made with a Carbon Reinforced Composite (CRC) body and rotor, which is designed to increase stiffness and strength but with a much lower weight than standard graphite material. It can handle whatever extreme forces you throw at it, and it won’t weigh you down. But it’s not all about strength, the SG6 is packed with other smart details such as a Braid-Ready spool that eliminates the need for mono backing, our proprietary DuraGrease for smooth and long-lasting operation, an aluminum spool, screw-in diecast handle and T-shaped line clip for easier operation. This reel is going to get a big fan club.


Storlek Broms Kullager Vikt Utväxling Linkapacitet Linintag Bromsstyrka
2500 FD 8+1 BB 222G 5.2:1 150M/0.20MM 69CM 12.5KG
3000 FD 8+1 BB 229G 5.2:1 150M/0.23MM 75CM 12.5KG
4000 FD 8+1 BB 255G 5.2:1 150M/0.28MM 81CM 15KG
4000H FD 8+1 BB 255G 6.2:1 150M/0.28MM 97CM 15KG