Savage Gear SG8 (7 storlekar)

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A great example of the way we built these reels from scratch with nothing “off the shelf”, the SG8 is a feature-packed monster constructed with a strong, stiff, and lightweight Carbon Reinforced Composite (CRC) body and rotor. Excellent and long-lasting performance is guaranteed thanks to a sealed Friction Control drag system that uses carbon fiber washers, which deliver unrivaled stiffness, smoothness, and fish-stopping power. An impressive 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings (including two Japanese ball bearings) ensure reliable performance even under heavy use. It also has many characteristics that make it a pleasure to use, such as a T-shaped line grip, a non-slip spool that eliminates the need to use mono backing and an ergonomic EVA handle. All the innovative thinking you’ve come to expect from Savage Gear has been poured into this reel – it will quickly become an extension of you.


Storlek Broms Kullager VIkt Utväxling Linkapacitet Linintag Bromsstyrka
1000 FD 10+1 BB 188G 5.2:1 150M/0.14MM 60CM 9.5KG
2500 FD 10+1 BB 210G 5.2:1 150M/0.20MM 69CM 12.5KG
3000 FD 10+1 BB 216G 5.2:1 150M/0.23MM 75CM 12.5KG
4000 FD 10+1 BB 245G 5.2:1 150M/0.28MM 81CM 15KG
2500H FD 10+1 BB 210G 6.2:1 150M/0.20MM 82CM 12.5KG
3000H FD 10+1 BB 216G 6.2:1 150M/0.23MM 89CM 12.5KG
4000H FD 10+1 BB 245G 6.2:1 150M/0.28MM 97CM 15KG